Naming Opportunities

MARL’s HOME. HEART. FUREVER. campaign is your opportunity to significantly impact the dogs and cats who are suffering right here in our community. There are several opportunities to make a difference within this campaign. Which is most important to you?

We invite you to support HOME. HEART. FUREVER. and be a part of this revolutionary new step in the history of MARL.

Support the campaign by selecting a naming opportunity below or making a donation to MARL’s new home here!


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Please contact Magee Humes at 248-335-9290 or to purchase a naming opportunity.



Canine Critical Care Room

This space will allow dogs who are sick or injured to receive specialized treatment and recover in a low-stress room under the supervision of the medical staff.

– 315 square feet, $50,000

The New Resident Dog Room (3)

The New Resident Dog Room will house dogs who are new to the shelter, whether they are on stray hold or just decompressing, while they are waiting to become available for adoption.

– 270 square feet, 333 square feet, and 546 square feet, $50,000

Puppy Nursery

Puppies can require very special care. The Puppy Nursery will keep them healthy and active until they are ready for adoption.

– 270 square feet, $75,000

Adoptable Dog Wing

This area includes the four individualized dog neighborhoods where adoptable dogs will reside as they await their forever homes. This area includes a grooming area and food prep station.

– 4,500 square feet, $1 million

(2 SOLD) Individual Adoptable Dog Neighborhood (4)

Each dog neighborhood provides our adoptable dogs a quiet home in which to thrive while they are awaiting adoption.

– 1,000 square feet, $250,000 per neighborhood

(2 SOLD) Outdoor Activity Parks (4)

Outdoor activity parks will be adjacent to each dog neighborhood to allow dogs plenty of exercise and fresh air – critical for their physical and mental well-being while awaiting adoption.

– 940 square feet, $50,000 per park (3)

– 662 square feet, $25,000 (1)

Please contact Magee Humes at 248-335-9290 or to purchase a naming opportunity.


(SOLD) Feline Critical Care

This space will allow sick or injured cats to receive specialized treatment and to recover in a low-stress, quiet environment under the supervision of the medical staff.

– 426 square feet, $50,000

New Resident Cat Room

The New Resident Cat Room will be home to newly-arriving cats until they are ready for adoption.

– 315 square feet, $50,000

Kitten Nursery

Located adjacent to the Medical Center, the Kitten Nursery will be home to our most at-risk guests who require constant supervision and care.

– 312 square feet, $75,000

Adoptable Cat Wing

This wing is comprised of the four cat rooms in which adoptable cats will reside as they await adoption and includes the cat kitchen area.

– 1,000 square feet, $750,000

(2 SOLD) Individual Adoptable Cat Room (3)

Adoptable cats will call these spacious rooms home as they await adoption.

– 192 square feet, 197 square feet, or 251 square feet, $250,000 each

Free-Roaming Cat Room

A popular feature at MARL, this highly visible cage-free cat room will allow cats who enjoy the company of other cats to reside in a communal environment while awaiting adoption.

– 346 square feet, $500,000

Please contact Magee Humes at 248-335-9290 or to purchase a naming opportunity.


Medical Wing

This wing will house MARL’s entire medical program, including the medical center, surgical center, and exam rooms.

– 4,450 square feet, $1 million

Medical Center

This dedicated, multi-functioning workspace is the hub of animal wellness, allowing each animal in MARL’s care to receive basic, specialized, and emergency medical care.

– 506 square feet, $250,000

Surgical Center

This dedicated surgical area will include a quiet, stress-free post-surgical recovery area.

– 158 square feet, $250,000

Exam Room (2)

Exam rooms will be located adjacent to animal check-in to allow medical staff to efficiently and thoroughly examine each newly-arriving animal in a low-stress, quiet environment.

– 152 square feet per room, $25,000 per room

Please contact Magee Humes at 248-335-9290 or to purchase a naming opportunity.


Real-Life Room

This cozy area with the feel of a living room will serve the dual purpose of preparing animals for life in a home and helping animals relax during meet-and-greets with potential adopters.

– 118 square feet, $150,000

(ALL SOLD) Animal Enrichment Areas (4)

These flexible multi-purpose rooms will provide dedicated spaces necessary for staff and volunteers to provide individualized training, socialization, and reassurance to animals, and to introduce them to potential adopters.

– Socialization Room (208 square feet, $100,000)

– Training Room (177 square feet, $100,000)

Meet & Greet Room (174 square feet, $100,000)

– Relaxation Room (128 square feet, $100,000)

(SOLD) Tail-Wagger Walking Trail

A peaceful walking path where staff and volunteers can spend time strolling with dogs or working on leash walking manners.

– .12 miles, $100,000

Play Park

The play park is a multi-functional play yard where staff and volunteers can take dogs for a game of fetch, a belly rub in the sun, or a training session.

– 1,960 square feet, $100,000

Please contact Magee Humes at 248-335-9290 or to purchase a naming opportunity.


(SOLD) Lobby

The warm and welcoming lobby will serve as the introduction to MARL. Open space and a full view into the free-roaming cat room and courtyard will set the tone for a different breed of shelter.

– 1,280 square feet, $1 million

Animal Check-In Lobby

This dedicated entrance and lobby will minimize stress for stray, abandoned, or owner-surrendered animals arriving at the shelter.

– 123 square feet, $250,000

Community Food Pantry

From this pantry, hundreds of at-risk dogs and cats in the community will receive the nutrition they need while continuing to live with the family that loves them.

– square feet TBD, $50,000

Transportation & Delivery Center

This garage space will house MARL’s two transport vehicles and operational tools and equipment, and serve as a convenient delivery area for supplies and donations.

– 886 square feet, $100,000

Conference Room

This multi-purpose space will allow for private meetings with and among staff, volunteers, board members, and community partners.

– 328 square feet, $75,000

Team Break Room

This space is dedicated for staff and volunteers to enjoy a respite from hectic days and come together informally for project coordination and will include lockers and an eating area.

– 188 square feet, $75,000

Please contact Magee Humes at 248-335-9290 or to purchase a naming opportunity.


There are more naming opportunities available in addition to those described here. We are happy to tailor a custom package to meet your philanthropic goals. Please contact Magee Humes at for more information.


As the campaign progresses, more ways to get involved will be posted here! Check back soon to view all the ways you can be a part of MARL’s HOME. HEART. FUREVER. campaign.




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