Animal Care Sponsorship

Thank you to our Current Sponsors!

Dog Care Sponsorships
Cynthia Falska & Patrick Tinney – In Loving Memory of Robert H. Falska
Dan & Laurie Puscas
Linda Kahn Gale – In Loving Memory of Willow, Megan and Henry Kahn Gale
The Wright-Hurley Pack
Kenneth & Janet Bergsman – In Memory of MARL Alumni, Lilly & Diamond
Bill Yahraus – In Memory of Strider, Pacer, Winnie, Max, Ava & Abby
Cindy & Barry Howard – In Loving Memory of Pam Porteous
Greg & Diane Meisser
Frankie the Yorkie
Norm & Lynne Fugate – In Memory of Bailey Fugate
Paul & Gail Phelps – In Memory of Barbie
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Forrest and Sylvester, Sly and Snoopy
Dawn and Patrick Karbowski – In Memory of Lexi Karbowski
Hadrian Rori & Laurie Worthington
The Ray Family
Leslie Price
Jean M. Blondin Trust
Trayce & Randy Fenton – In Loving Memory of Barbra Portnoy and In Honor of Mitchell Portnoy’s 60th Birthday

Cage-Free Cat Room Sponsorships
Chuck & Carol Valenti – In Honor of KC & In Memory of Sparky
Diane Broekhuizen – In Honor of Chevy & Cooper
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Forrest and Sylvester, Sly & Snoopy
JoAnne E. McClure & Arden T. McClure
Linda Kahn Gale – In Honor of Rescued Kitty, Angel Rose Baum
Sanford Sadow – In Memory of Babe Ruth Sadow
Sanford Sadow – In Memory of Fatty Sadow
The Stubbs Family
Shelley Tryles – In Memory of Murphy
Comcast – In Honor of Eric & Sara Lyons

Your sponsorship will provide basic care, food and medical expenses for the dog or cat residing in your sponsored space.

If you would like to sponsor a kennel or our cage-free cat room in honor/memory of a person or pet, please indicate in the “Name on Kennel” section of the form below.

Sponsorship Opportunities

New Dog Care – $850/year (SOLD OUT) If you would like your name added to the Dog Care Sponsor waiting list, please call 248-335-9290 or email

Cage-Free Cat Room – $200/year

Two Months of Meals for one Animal – $50

Sponsorship Benefits:

New Dog Care (SOLD OUT)– Name on kennel door, monthly email updates about residents of sponsored kennel, recognition on MARL website.

Cage-Free Cat Room – Name on door of cage-free cat room, monthly email update about cage-free cat room, monthly email update about cage-free cat room residents, recognition on MARL website.

Two Months of Meals for one Animal – Email update after two months with adoption and new animal stories.

To participate, please fill out the form below!


  • *Applicable to Dog Care Sponsorship & Cage-Free Cat Room Sponsorship only.



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