Upcoming Events

Dog-Gone Fun Fest!

August 16th | 2-6 PM | Canterbury Village

Come visit MARL at the Dog-Gone Fun Fest! Join us on August 16th at Canterbury Village as we participate in the first day of this family fun, pet-friendly event. We will be bringing adoptable dogs and have plenty of your favorite MARL gear for sale! Purchase tickets and learn more at www.doggonefunfest.com.



Dog Days of Summer

Our alumni are having lots of fun this summer! Nothing brightens our day more than seeing our alumni happy, healthy and living the good life. Thank you to our adopters for choosing MARL! We hope you enjoy... Read More

Claude's Story

On June 20th, two beautiful Italian Mastiff puppies were brought to MARL in a box. They were completely unsocialized and had never experienced human contact. We noticed right away that the male puppy had a leg abnormality.... Read More