Bones was surrendered to MARL on February 15th, 2017. He had an untreated wound on his neck and a large mass on his back foot. Our staff and volunteers fell in love with Bones the minute he walked through our door. He was 110 pounds of pure sweetness – the definition of a gentle giant!

Shortly after his arrival, Bones had surgery to remove the large mass on his foot. The good news: the mass was benign and would not cause any problems in the future! The bad news: Bones had to wear a cone and a boot until his wounds were fully healed. Bones wasn’t a big fan of the cone.

Or the boot…

We felt that it would be best for Bones to spend time in a foster home while he recovered. Bones was beyond excited for the opportunity!

Two of our most dedicated dog fosters volunteered to let Bones crash on their couch for a while. He loved the extra attention and became good friends with Bunny, MARL’s former office dog!

Although Bones was enjoying life in his foster home, his dream was to find a forever family.

On April 11th, Bones’ dream came true! He found a family to spoil him with love and affection for the rest of his days. He may not look happy in this photo, but trust us… this was the happiest day of his life.

Way to go, Bones!