Bert and Ernie were left on our doorstep on a chilly October night in an open crate. Hungry, scared and in need of medical care, they were alone for hours before MARL staff discovered them. We provided them with food, water and the care they needed so that they wouldn’t have to suffer another minute.

During their first few days at the shelter, Bert and Ernie received not only medical care, but plenty of love as well. They got to snuggle with staff, romp in the medical room and snack on plenty of delicious treats. After an initial recovery period they were able to relax in the comfort of a loving foster home. Check out some fun photos below of Bert and Ernie at the shelter and in their foster home!

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Thanks to generous supporters like you, Bert and Ernie received the care they desperately needed. MARL provided care to over 1,200 homeless and at-risk dogs and cats this year. Your support allowed us to be there for them when no one else was. There are thousands more dogs and cats just like Bert and Ernie whose lives depend on the care that MARL can provide. And we can’t help them without your support. Please join us in helping the dogs and cats who are suffering right here in our community. Your support will make a real, lasting impact on the lives of those who are still in need.