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BORN: August 2010

SEX: Male

BREED: Chihuahua

WEIGHT: 9 lbs.

MARL ARRIVAL: August 2019| Monte was transferred to MARL from another facility.

BACKGROUND: Meet Monte! You've never met a Chihuahua like this! Monte is the friendliest guy around and unlike any Chihuahua we've ever seen, his favorite activity is taking a dip in the MARL swimming pool! Whether rain, snow or shine, this guy absolutely loves to relax poolside, and he enjoys it even more if he's surrounded by friends. There isn't a person or animal that Monte's met that he hasn't liked, and he's just waiting for his chance to win you over. If you consider yourself a happy-go-lucky person and have been looking for a chipper canine companion, then Monte could be the one for you!

COMPATIBILITY: Based on our evaluation, we feel that Monte has the potential to get along with other dogs and cats.

MEDICAL NEEDS: Monte has a heart condition that requires lifelong medication. This condition will need to be monitored by your veterinarian.

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