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BORN: March, 2017

SEX: Female


MARL ARRIVAL: March, 2019 | Blossom was found all alone outside.

BACKGROUND: Blossom is a cute and petite little cat. She was found outside with just one kitten that she had given birth to but wasn't living anymore. She was very distraught and crying for help. We're so glad she was brought to us where we can not only address her physical needs, but give her lots of love and encouragement. She's feeling much better, and likes when people reach out to her and give her affection. Blossom is polydactyl, which means she has extra toes! She's got lots of love to give, and is just waiting for the perfect person to shower it on!

MEDICAL NEEDS: Blossom has been diagnosed with FIV. This means she is more susceptible to some feline illnesses. She can still live a long, healthy life. She doesn't require any medication or special treatment - just regular trips to the vet. FIV is not transferrable to dogs or humans. FIV cats can live with other cats if they get along. FIV can only be transferred from cat to cat by a deep bite wound. Don't be hesitant to give an FIV cat a home. They have tons of love to give!

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