A New Home for MARL




MARL is proud to introduce its first-ever comprehensive campaign. Born out of absolute necessity, the HOME. HEART. FUREVER. campaign will allow MARL to meet the needs of the ever-increasing number of animals arriving at our doors. MARL is saving a record number of animals in desperate need of our services, and focusing on these areas will allow us to provide better and more effective care by serving our rising population while maintaining our commitment to the specific needs of our animals and community. Click on one of these three priorities above or an option below to learn more.

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Progress Report!

November 2019: Keep an eye out for the ceiling going up around the end of the month!

October 2019: We’ve got flooring in place! Construction on MARL’s new home is right on track.

September 2019: Our walls have started going up! We love watching our new building start to take shape.

August 2019: Concrete is going to be poured soon!

July 2019: Demolition has begun! We are so excited to get started on this new home for MARL.








Claude's Story

On June 20th, two beautiful Italian Mastiff puppies were brought to MARL in a box. They were completely unsocialized and had never experienced human contact. We noticed right away that the male puppy had a leg abnormality.... Read More