Brew arrived in our lobby after being turned away from two other shelters, including the one he was originally adopted from. His owner said he was a good boy but they didn’t have time for a dog and Brew was spending most of his time tied up
outside alone.





Mac arrived in our lobby soaking wet and full of fleas. He was found wobbling down the side of a busy road all alone.






Luke was brought to MARL when his owner died suddenly. Without a friend in the world, we met him nervously shaking in our lobby.



Imagine if we told you that we said NO to each of these animals? If we sent them out the door to an uncertain future or to suffer another day. We can’t imagine that either and that’s why we need your help.

We are experiencing a staggering 110% increase in animals arriving at our doors since 2014. Saying YES to these additional animals equates to an approximate $96,000 increase in our operational costs this year alone! Saying YES means more food, more litter, more medical care, more medicine and preventatives, more staff time to clean and train and provide care…and we truly can’t do it without your help.

A special MARL donor is so moved by the number of at-risk animals and the subsequent cost of care that they have offered to match all donations up to $10,000! This is a huge opportunity and it means that your donation will go twice as far right now!

Please say YES to helping these dogs and cats find their way to a better life through MARL. Your tax-deductible gift and your impact on the animals in need will be doubled right now!