Our most vulnerable animals

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It’s no secret that veterinary care can be costly and stressful for animals.

Waiting for appointments and transporting animals to the vet can delay vital medical treatment to an animal in need. The Michigan Animal Rescue League provides vet care to over 1,000 animals annually, and we are always striving to reduce costs and stress without affecting the quality of medical care.

30% of the animals that arrive at MARL need at least one X-ray. Often these are the animals who have the hardest time traveling in a vehicle to and from appointments.

Our friend Tuba is an excellent example. Arriving at MARL with severe pneumonia and a possible leg issue, Tuba required four separate X-ray appointments during his 60 days at MARL. One of those appointments was during a snowstorm! To say that Tuba resisted going out in the cold to get into the van for a follow-up X-ray would be an understatement.

MARL has a plan! We can help eliminate the additional stress on our animals, provide quicker and more efficient care, and reduce veterinary costs by purchasing our own X-ray machine. The new MARL facility includes X-ray capabilities and a generous foundation has offered to donate $10,000 towards an X-ray machine if we can raise the remaining $30,000.

This is an incredible opportunity to invest in the well-being of the animals who arrive at MARL sick or injured. We are asking you to make a gift today that will allow us to provide better, faster treatment to the animals who arrive the most vulnerable.



Tuba, adopted February 2020



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